Content Marketing

An important part of building brand trust and loyalty online – content marketing supports the user journey, especially in the consideration phase when research is undertaken by your customer. When learning to understand our customer better, content assists with measuring engagement rates and informs us about which content is performing better and what gets shared.

Content performance insights provide powerful ways to create better buyer persona’s, the ability to develop more precise buyer segments and improve personalisation. Content marketing drives six times higher conversion rates.

Our process


We first develop a strategic content plan that will guide your content marketing effort. We then focus on developing specific content themes and topics, translating these into messages that need to be communicated. Tactical elements such as content forms, contributors and publication dates will be established. These may or may not incorporate social media content. We also


This is the process that transforms the raw content into a published asset. An example of these assets would include articles, blog posts, videos, e-books or social media content plans.


Once content is published, it needs to be circulated. A variety of earned and paid tactics are used including SEO, paid search, social sharing and e-mail marketing. We carefully consider how specific distribution tactics will best reach your targeted audience for a specific campaign.


Content measurement involves using a variety of metrics that will show how your content is performing in terms of traffic acquisition, engagement, search engine referrals, social activity and conversion rates. During the measurement phase, we look at tying content marketing to more strategic business objectives such as brand equity and customer engagement.


An important aspect of brand awareness, visibility and recognition. It’s also a great way to interact with your customers which contributes towards higher conversion rates and increases brand loyalty, traffic and enhanced SEO rankings.

SEO practices can deliver a large inflow of traffic to your site. This naturally translates into more leads and better chances of their conversion. There are various factors that we analyse such as domain authority, keywords, relevancy, links, site speed, website design, URL structure and length of content, among others.

Many consumers prefer to communicate with brands through e-mail. Due to it’s convenience, personalisation, relevancy and immediacy, this marketing channel is attractive in nurturing your customer databases when it comes to sales promotions, rewards programs, competitions, company updates and exclusive product offerings.

By now almost 5 billion people own cell phones and the open rate is cited at 98%, making it an effective marketing tool. Not only is it affordable with a high ROI, it’s also instant, grabs attention, generates new leads and is highly personal.

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