Paid Media Advertising

Our approach to paid media advertising is to map and understand your company’s business model and the way it generates revenue. Thereafter, we assess and map who your customers are, and where they spend their time online. We use this knowledge to determine which digital channels and targeting strategies are best suited to your business and then produce tailor-made copy that your audience will find compelling.

To deliver the best possible results, we work directly with Google, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Taboola and other ad platforms to deliver performance and ROI.

Our process


We start by drawing up a strategy to best reach your audience while generating qualified leads or generating sales.


Without understanding your audience, you could be risking a significant portion of your marketing budget. We map your consumer demographics, their interests, preferences and behaviour, giving you the power to spend your advertising resources optimally.


With an in-depth understanding of your audience, we can accurately target potential customers by selecting the best search keywords and using them to write compelling ads to ensure a successful campaign.


We analyze data on a constant basis to ensure continual improvement. We present you with data analysis results in monthly reports and provide you with additional insight and information. As a result, your business can take a pro-active approach to meet consumers’ online demands.


Facebook ads allow precise and effective targeting and remarketing capabilities, being by far the biggest social network in the world. Increase your exposure and traffic to your site, create loyal customers and generate leads and sales.

With over 700 million active users each month, Instagram continues to be a favourite inspiration platform amongst brands. When you’re driving brand awareness, engaging customers or sharing stories, a captive audience exists that is always ready to engage with your brand content.

With 560 professionals using LinkedIn, it’s ranked as the top platform for B2B lead generation by marketers. There are multiple ways to run campaigns on LinkedIn including across devices. Sponsor your content to drive awareness in LinkedIn’s newsfeed, deliver personalised ads directly to an inbox and run lead generation campaigns.

Generating informative value adding content will benefit your marketing efforts in the long term. Quality content builds customer loyalty and positions you as an expert in your field, helps with SEO, attracts new viewers, establishes your brand and increases market share.

Get faster results by tapping into your customer’s search intent. The advantage of advertising via Google Ads is the ability to drive immediate results and reach customers who are in the decision-making stage along the buying journey. Marketing with Google Ads is easy to measure, cost-effective, providing maximum relevance and the ability to fine-tune your targeting.

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