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If you run an e-commerce store or rely on your site for leads, customer engagement and general traffic to ensure your business functions, understanding your data is paramount. We are a data driven performance company and believe that in order to leverage insights and data to make better business decisions, your website analytics needs to be set up for best-practice and in-depth insights.

If your website analytics is not optimised or set-up correctly to get the best insights, you will be lost in a sea of data and overwhelming terminology that won’t make any sense. We partner with SMME’s to ensure they understand what they are lacking when it comes to their website analytics by offering an audit.

The audit is a report that will list various checks which we conduct showing what might be lacking and what needs to be implemented. If you run online campaigns, and don’t understand how to measure the success of those campaigns properly, we will highlight all these pitfalls and ensure you understand how to view data.


Establish whether Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics are installed

Review tracking ID and establish if this correlates with Google Tag Manager

Review if the correct Tag Configuration Track Type is selected

Review triggers and establish if all triggers are firing

Review business goals are set up correctly

Review existing goals and establish if they are still in line with site

Review Business Goals by checking URL string and naming conventions are correct

Review Conversion Funnel

Review Event Tracking is set up according to best practice

Review relevant site events are set up and and being tracked in line with conversions goals:




Video Views


Review Custom Reports are set-up in line with business goals.

Review if there are any Existing Reports using Data Studio.

Review if all views set up are according to best practices.

Unfiltered (Raw Data)

Test View

Master (excluding internal IPS/Agency)

Review and establish if audiences are updated and relevant by reviewing:

If Analytics and Google ads are linked.

Review existing list sizes and whether they are eligible to run.

Review conversion funnel and where users drop of in the journey

Establish if audiences are updated and relevant by reviewing:

Which audience segments are most engaged and are bringing in the most conversions (demographics, devices, browsers, regions)

Establish whether lists are large enough to run across all channels

Review cross channel sources

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